Three years with US Army Security Agency—6 months of communications intelligence schooling at Ft. Devons, MA; 18 months tour of duty in several Alaskan posts; 12 months at Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma, CA.

Four years as precision electro-mechanical technician in northern NJ industries producing military aircraft and missile guidance systems.

Seven years as police officer with Clifton NJ Police Department. Relocated to Stowe, VT with wife and two kids to serve as Stowe police officer for 2 years.

Co-owner/Operator of New England Hearth and Home, a prefabricated fireplace business in Pompton Lakes, NJ for 2 years, commuting weekly between VT and NJ.

Part-time feature writer for local newspaper, Morrisville Transcript.

Technical field rep for 3M visual products in central VT for 2 years.

Repair/Service Manager 2 years for Theimeg Co, Stowe, VT, a manufacturer of radio controls for locomotives and cranes.

Acting Chief of Police in Stowe for 1 year.

Independent building contractor in Stowe for 3 years.

Owner-operator of Home Service Electronics for 12 years, a home satellite system sales and installation business in Waterbury, VT.

Presently semi-retired adventure novelist.

Some college, numerous community college courses and technical industry seminars. Graduate of NJ and VT State Police Academies and Police Command Training Institute at Babson College in MA. Creative Writing Course, Montclair College, NJ.
Interests and Hobbies:
Electronics, drafting and mechanical drawing, cabinetmaking, stained glass. Knowledgeable in all phases of residential construction. Inventor, nature lover, Classical and Big Band music buff, novelist.
Noteworthy Accomplishments:
Added a full dormer and made extensive modifications, unassisted, to my first home in NJ. Designed, drafted plans and constructed my present home in VT, a modified English Tudor with a year-round Victorian style gazebo.

Reorganized Stowe Police Department while Acting Chief. Instrumental in instituting computerized data network with VT State Police.

Patent holder for an optical satellite locator instrument that I designed and built for use in satellite system installation business.

My novel, Cataclysm, a fictional adventure story about the demise of the US caused by a self-detonating catalyst that terrorists have added to gasoline supplies, has recently been published. An adventure series based on a mid-50s private detective is presently in the works.

Unforgettable Experiences:
Hunted with Eskimos in a skin boat within sight of the mountains of Siberia. The reason we didn’t see any seals—we were surrounded by killer whales!

An adventurous trek from San Francisco to Tijuana, Mexico, then cross-country to New Jersey in my convertible upon discharge from the service. Who would expect to run into two attractive young ladies hitchhiking in the middle of the Arizona desert?

Soared over the Boulder, Colorado's Flatiron mountains in a sailplane, nearly succumbing to sudden wind shear.

Numerous incidents while a NJ police officer. One in particular when I busted through a bolted door with my revolver at the ready after a crazed Vietnam vet had shot his mother with a rifle—another when I was pursuing a car thief through vacant, early morning city streets at 80 MPH and my shift sergeant pulled out from a side street in front of me, causing me to do several 360s to avoid a collision.

What Lies Ahead?
Aside from plans to tour the country in a newly acquired travel trailer with my wife, I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to bolster my financial situation. Meanwhile, I write, write, write.