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CATACLYSM is an adventure novel liberally laced with romance and humor, but one that explores a sobering topic uppermost in most minds--terrorist attacks within our shores. The story depicts the collapse of the most powerful nation on earth as a result of an unbridled appetite for gasoline, an open door policy to immigration and a complacent attitude toward safety, sanity and energy conservation. Terrorists have contaminated US gasoline supplies with a self-detonating catalyst and the public is unwittingly spreading the liquid time bomb in automobile fuel tanks. With the nation's commerce and transportation dependent on fossil fuel and few alternate forms of energy in place, is such a scenario really possible?

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1950s private investigator series, John Gavin PI:
  • Legion of Anarchy
  • Vengeful Journey
  • Northern Pursuit
  • Bayou Horror
  • Asylum of Death
  • The Wrong Keys
  • The Aleutian Solution
  • The Flesh Merchants
  • The Face On the Tombstone
  • Hail, the Paper Warrior
  • The Corpse in Elkin's Cove

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